TALER demo with proxmox/VM/Debian

Help needed to Craft a TALER demo in our garage

We’re a few people in a biohackerspace who are highly motivated to set up everything we need for a TALER demo in our own community and with our own set of specific contexts.


  • https://demo-bank.taler.<our-domain>.<tld>/#login
  • A wallet from GNU Taler
  • https://shop-demo.taler.<our-domain>.<tld>
  • Gallette instead of Kudos

Yes, If you can’t write a demo for it, you don’t own it.

We want to use TALER in our local network, for a practical demo / usable demo with a fictional currency to buy fanzines and seeds.

We already have a proxmox with VMs and we’re thinking about Debian. We’ve been studying the available documentation for several weeks, and we have system admin, server admin and network admin skills.

For the time being, we were focusing on Merchant Backend Administration.

However, it seems to us that we can base ourselves on Netzbon example but in this case there is much less documentation.

Our current best idea was shared by @dvn :
using the “sandcastle-ng” project : README.md - sandcastle-ng.git - Scripts for the deployment of Sandcastle (GNU Taler)

Then we can run the Taler software stack, including exchange, merchant, etc. with this. It will all be run inside of a container, using podman (apt install podman).

This is what https://demo.taler.net uses.

Our first question and need:
what is the minimum hardware / set-up configuration for a basic installation of TALER for a demo?

In any case, we’re open to your contributions if we’re missing anything, and above all we think that this post here in TALER ICH might be of interest to others. Demo is a spring that springs in the spring.

We have a realistic scenario based on our experiences, which we will refine through iteration. This includes our tech skills and our day-to-day needs.

This is our scenario:
Some people use products for essential reasons. These people are accompanied by professionals (professionals recognised by the State and by science). For the necessary and vital precautions, it is these professionals who buy and transport the products. The people who use those products have to buy very specific rare manuals, which are only on sale in very specific places. The buying of these resources by these people adds a point of collection of information in such large quantities that it reduces the purchase protocol supported by protection professionals.

After installing TALER on the server side, we’re going to use TALER on f-droid and document what we find and what we do. And some static & dynamic analysis around TALER Android app (APK), see A 45 minute Intro to Digital Hygiene through Investigation .
Documneting our experience of all this.
Using Fanzines and seeds, all under copyleft licences.