Book: Decoding the Digital Euro, Leon Schumacher

A recent book By Leon Schumacher


Decoding the Digital Euro" illustrates what is important in a Central Bank Digital Currency, and what is not so good with the Digital Euro, in order for the understanding and maybe the consensus to shift towards Taler-like solutions. So, thanks for helping spread the word, the book and ultimately Taler.

Dive into the world of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and uncover their essential features, with a special focus on the Digital Euro. :globe_with_meridians: Gain valuable insights to evaluate CBDCs like a pro and stay ahead in the realm of digital currencies!

The digital euro and any other CBDC can impact our freedom and liberties if the wrong choices are made. So make sure you understand and are able to express your preferences. The time is now, ahead of the EU elections!

This is what Prof. Christian Grothoff at the Bern University of Applied Sciences says about it:

“A CBDC reference book for everyone who want to understand technological trade-offs and the socio-economic implications of the digital euro.”

This is what Richard Turrin, bestselling author of “CASHLESS” says about it:

“Fabulous read that I cannot recommend enough!! This book cuts through the BS and will give readers the straight story of the digital euro
and why it is a game-changer.”