Getting started on a GNU Taler integration within Odoo

Hello everyone!
I am interested in submitting an application for the NLnet open call for GNU Taler integrators.
After talking a bit with the Taler team, I am looking into integrating Taler support within Odoo. It will be a new module for Odoo that can inter-operate with existing modules.
I will keep this post updated based on how the application advances, and the structure I land on :slight_smile:

Here is what the project will look like:

  • The core of the project will be a new Odoo module (similar to payment_paypal or payment_paytrail that already exist)
    • The module will be able to inter-operate with existing Odoo modules, which would allow to use the Taler payment system in modules such as point-of-sale, or on websites created using Odoo.
    • The module will contain a user preferences menu, a “test mode” and module management features .
  • The Odoo module will then be uploaded on the Odoo app store (pending approval from Odoo)

I am in talks with Odoo to see if they are interested in promoting/maintaining this project (this has no bears over the project, because if Odoo itself is not interested, I can still create an app for Odoo)


That sounds great, keep us posted!

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