Getting your first Taler payment

:warning: GNU Taler is not ready to use with € yet. The fictional KUDOS money, bank and exchange are here for testing purposes. See the roadmap for more insights about the timeline of the project :warning:

1 - Open a Taler Bank account

Register to the Taler Demo Bank to open an account and get some KUDOS to play with.

2 - Install your Wallet(s)

A Taler Wallet is either a web browser plugin or a native smartphone app (Android or iOS). Each of your devices will have its own Wallet, but you can transfer money from one to the other easily. If you have both a phone and a PC, try it!

3 - Create a payment order

In your Wallet, cick the “Receive” button. Name the desired amount in KUDOS, select whether the origin is a bank account or a Taler Wallet. Enter a subject for the transaction, pick an expiration timespan and click the “CREATE” button. You’ll be provided the informations for the transaction (including a QR code and a URL). You can retrieve these anytime before the expiration date in your Wallet history.

4 - Get paid!

Show your order’s QR code or send its link to the person you wish to get paid from (or paste it as a reply to this post). Your first customer is now ready to proceed to payment!

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