I Need KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS is what I need

Tonight I’m representing NGI TALER at the “European Week of Responsible Software” (lawless translation of Semaine du Numérique Responsable) of Strasbourg.

If you were there and liked my intervention or if you just appreciate my work in general, please send me some KUDOS!
Here’s my ID : DE9183091384932

If you want to get rewarded for your contributions, please share yours below :hugs:



18:05:55 - KUDOS 13.12 DE9183091384932 #GoTALER!

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@NGI_Taler @Ada@ich.taler.net @Taler

If you like @ada's presentation, you can send her #KUDOS via #GNU @Taler to her account:


Watch #live round table and presentation at https://peertube.shadok-strasbourg.eu/w/ncHjNj3d8PkfSrSA52vgxQ

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Could you share your payto: link or the QR code with me? :star_struck:

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Here’s a link for a 10 KUDOS support voucher :slight_smile:


Give one for yourself so people can reward you too :slight_smile:

How did you get this payment URI?

Taler transactions can be initiated from the Taler Wallet (either native app or browser plugin) ! I just created a dedicated tutorial : Getting your first Taler payment :slight_smile:

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Ah, thanks, I got it:

I chose a Taler Wallet as the source and input 13.12 KUDOS:

taler://pay-pull/exchange.demo.taler.net/J6FH2Y875TPVHB4J7A7ARDCW05BH08CS15QACNG8E6PH3Z9GVWE0 (valid 30 days)

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