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My name is Adrien PARROT. I’m member of InterHop association.
" promotes and develops the use of free and open-source software for health. brings together activists for open source software and self-managed use of health data at the local level."

We publish libre and opensource software for healthcare research.
In France, we install them on certified servers to offer them in SAAS mode to users.

In particular, we publish

  • the data collection form (eCRF) called Goupile. Here’s a presentation link and the proposal we made to NGO several weeks ago.
  • the decentralized data science software called Linkr. Here’s a presentation link and the proposal we made to NGO several weeks ago.

We really need help to continue developing software that contributes to open research and the creation of healthcare commons.


Hello @interhop ,

We are really happy to Welcome you here, in France, you are the main group that organizes for protecting our health data, a central concern for many people and this is visible by the sheer number of persons who also think your work is essential.

Regarding NGI TALER it is very important that you are here since as you might have seen Health and Inclusion are part of the verticals we need to integrate in the comming 3 years as GNU Taler becomes available in the EuroZone. We have a dedicated category Social Inclusion and e-Health where we can continue this conversation, we will also add you to the dedicated group.

We will follow up separately concerning the NGI0 proposals you mention.
TalerICH is also dedicated to support integration of GNU Taler in the free software tool chain, via the ongoing NGI TAler open calls (that follow the same model as those from NGI0) you will find more information in TALER Open Calls - TALER ICH helpdesk.
It would amazing if Goupille would integrate Taler paiements, to support privacy preserving payments.

Hey hi,

I’m Özgür, also known as oec or Oscar.

I’m a security consultant for 25 years and CEO of Code Blau GmbH, which is a boutique software security company and member of consortium of the NGI TALER project. We are responsible for various security aspects of TALER.

I also work on GNU Taler as part of the developer team and as part of my PhD in CS, trying to extend GNU Taler with privacy preserving features such as: age-restriction, escrow service and sealed-bid auctions.

I’m looking forward to engage with folks interested in using and contributing to TALER here!




I’m Hannes (he/him/they/them) - a software developer. I used to work in academia (doing formal proofs of software more than 10 years ago, using Coq and separation logic), but I’m really more into system engineering – making the world a safer, more secure and more resilient place.

Since roughly a decade I spend quite some time on MirageOS unikernels - basically rewrite network and security protocols from scratch in the memory-safe (and statically typed, and compiled) programming language OCaml. Since 2018 I do that with other people in the collective I sometimes write articles on my blog or our collective blog.

What brings me to GNU Taler is the idea (that we proposed to the NLnet call) to implement an exchange in MirageOS. The benefit would be a leaner code base (and usually we discover underspecifications and implementation bugs while redeveloping a protocol).


Hello everyone,
I’m Saverio from Italy.

I’m a fan of open source software and philosophy, and I personally do use extensively of open source solutions. I’m an entrepreneur at SD Companies and I have a strong background in Engineering and Technology. I’ve discovered Taler Project searching for new solutions in the payment eco-system.

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