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Hi everyone !

I’m Ada (she/her), member and worker of PS: Petites Singularités, the organization in charge of this ICH maintenance.

I’m here to make this world a better place! Joke apart, I’ll be glad to meet you all here or in person and contribute to a wide spreading of GNU Taler.


I’m XavCC, you can spell it as Xavi or Xav or Chav + CC with your own accent / pronunciation – no worries about saying it wrong.
Pronouns: he/they/them.
I will make festnozoù for you and in the meantime I am at your disposal to solve your TALER ICH problems.
Member and worker of :ps: Petites Singularités too.


Hi, I’m Devan, another worker of :ps: Petites Singularités doing system administration. Additionally I work on Taler’s packaging, demo deployment, and continuous integration.



I’m Rita, a libre culture disseminator trying to promote libre communications. I love to create my own books and I dream of a sustainable “libre culture seal”.

Last year I have started to take seriously GNU TALER and that’s why I wrote a couple of posts in my blog, in catalan. Now, I’m encouraging some folks to integrate TALER in GNB.

By the way, I speak catalan, spanish, esperanto, french and english but… I must say that I feel uncomfortable with english as an economic language and I prefer esperanto for international communications. I hope one day free software projects will think seriously about it.

Nice to meet you all!


Hola Rita,

Bienvenida con nosotros! Encantada de conocerte.

Language is a very interesting topic to discuss and also an actual issue we need to solve here on this forum since lots of people interested in the project don’t speak english. It’s therefore a topic we intend to work on in the next few days :wink:

I also feel a bit uncomfortable with english being the default language for so many international projects. Even though I like the idea behind esperanto, I also think it’s still eurocentric since it’s based on the latin alphabet and etymology. Therefore isn’t it still a continuation of the european imperialism despite it’s intentions? I guess english is the default within FLOSS because of the historical construct of computer programming in general. Of course it’s an instrument of influence over our communication, of cultural domination. But isn’t the whole internet in itself a colonial infrastructure?

Free software and hacking allow to turn :

  • intellectual property into komons ;
  • centralized infrastructures into decentralized networks.

Unless we’re wrong on the whole line, I’m OK with using english as a compromise, a pragmatic interface allowing interoperability (and automatic translations) between very diverse communities :slightly_smiling_face: But I wish we can make this platform suited for working between several languages for people who can’t do english anyway ^^

Hello, my name is hellekin

I’m part of the :ps: team, publisher at :ps_editions:, and an admin on this forum.

What I like about GNU Taler

This is a very exciting moment to initiate a community around GNU Taler electronic payment system. As privacy activists, we always hit the contradiction of using online payments, relinquishing our privacy to obtain goods or services relying on existing online payment systems that leave our transaction history transparent to the private companies offering payment services. This is unacceptable, but the current situation is about to change: with GNU Taler, we’ll be able to consume online without prying eyes over our shoulders while we pay.

There are so many cases where the buyer’s anonymity must be protected — but isn’t, currently: when you buy medicine, protecting your privacy means that your insurance company nor your employer will know when you buy, where you buy, or what you buy — all information that is available to payment processors, and used by third-parties to target you for advertising, influence your decisions, or adjust prices just for you (many of these practices are illegal in Europe).

While we tend to close our eyes on such predatory practices, because it’s out there, the consequences for unruly commercial practices carried on with impunity by payment processing offerings can be disastrous, both for the individual, and society.

GNU Taler is designed with European privacy laws in mind, and with regard to international law compliance to struggle against tax evasion and money laundering. When adopted widely, GNU Taler will make tax evasion much more difficult for multinational companies used to shuffle wins and losses according to their fiscal advantage: because Taler transactions are auditable and transparent for the Merchant, GNU Taler is the only electronic payment system that protects the buyer’s privacy and society’s fiscal balance. Tax evasion is responsible for the impoverishment of the public sphere. GNU Taler provides agency to both citizens and society.

:taler_circles: So, let’s make ourselves some :taler: payment system! #GoTALER!

When I started using free software I did not expect to reach a moment where the free software community can reaffirm its name in the context of the whole of society. This is what happens now, in these bleak times of war and global unrest.

Vous me voyez très heureuz de partager avec vous cet espace.

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Hey there I am natacha also from the :ps: team, I contributed to make this happen within NGI Taler consortium and hope this place will accompany GNU Taler’s integration in the eurozone and last over time so the free software we love, independant book sector, press and all amazing projects can continue devising about paiement organisation in their respctive domains.

I am particularly interested to make this space as friendly as possible and working towards meaningful well being team and kind interactions.

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Hello everybody
I am a Software developer that previously worked with :ps: and Odoo software.

I am new here, and looking into increasing the GNU Taler integrations landscape with Odoo. I believe it is important to spread the adoption of GNU Taler technology to as many places as possible, and I can’t wait to dive in the code to help build more integrations.


There’s an article that addresses this issue. I wrote about it in my last book “Esperanto y cultura esperantista para hispanohablantes”.

La genio Zamenhof kreis lingvon ne-Eŭropan, kaŝitan sub Eŭropa masko

I can understand the prejudice but, in my opinion, still better than english, french, chinese or spanish…

Not for me. Fortunately no one forces you to learn it. And actually that’s the beauty of it.

Maybe… But as you do in this project, there’s always people trying to make the world a better place. And I like to support this kind of efforts.

I’m not… But it’s your choice and I’m trying to adapt…

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Saluton, @rita. Mi lernis Esperanto kiam mi havis 12 de jarojn, sed mi ne parolas kun alia esperantistoj pli kelkaj ofte. Pardonu min por mia komencanta lingvo. Mi legos tiun artikolon, dankon!


Hello everybody,
my name is Stefan.

I pursue the project management for GNU Taler and the TALER NGI project which thrives forward the TALER ICH. If you want to contribute to Taler the easy way and get to know more about it - learning by doing - I recommend you to start with translations of the web site and the Taler apps. GNU Taler/Main web site @ GNU Taler Weblate is a starting point for the community web pages. Other components are available at GNU Taler @ GNU Taler Weblate - just grab one and review the strings in a language you are familiar with (preferably mother tongue speakers) or add languages like Esperanto when you feel that they are missing.



Dankon al vi, samideano!
Mi ne atendis renkonti aliajn esperantistojn ĉi tie sed tre komfortas al mi :slight_smile:

Welcome @Stefan! Maybe you could start a topic about “What GNU Taler needs from you” to introduce the various ways people can contribute to GNU Taler in Community?

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Yes, of course. On GNU Taler you have some starting points that might be an inspiration for you on how to contribute to the Taler project if you want to make a first acquaintance with GNU Taler. On another sub page (GNU Taler) there are some ideas for hackers who might also possibly apply for a grant under the NLnet NGI Open Call (NLnet; Apply for a grant).

Just go ahead and find your thing that matches with your interests. Happy hacking!

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Hi every body,
I’m Erick Haehnsen, editor in chief and Chief Innovation Officier at Agence TCA, a microscropic News Agency. We hope to use NGI Taler in Aipress24, a digital platform which aims at generating new editorial revenues for the ecosystem of press & media all around the world. This B2B platform, which is developped by our partner Abilian (FOSS editor and service company), is going to put together all the professional communities that help making the news :

  • news agencies, journals, magazines, medias ; Press relations agencies ;
  • Leaders & Experts ;
  • Transformers : companies that support organisations in their major transformations (digital, ecological, energy, environmental, technological, etc.) ;
  • Academics : higher education and research structures, teachers, lecturers, researchers, doctoral students, students and student-entrepreneurs.

We would like to integrate the Horizon Europe-Pillar II-Group4-NGI Taler technology Open call. Thank you for your help.

On our part, we aim at testing NGI Taler at a real scale level with all the communities mentionned bellow. Maybe some of you are part of thoses communities. Don’t hesitate to tell it !


Welcome @ErickHaehnsen! If you like I can setup a category for your software in TALER Integrations to follow up on your application to TALER Open Calls, would you like that?

Oh yes, very much ! Thank you

Hi everyone!

I’m Leo (he/him or no pronouns) and I am doing the project management over at GLS Bank for the NGI TALER project. I am mainly involved with the ‘banking’ aspects of it all, specifically in getting TALER regulatory compliant and hopefully in your hands as soon as possible!

Nice to meet you all!


Hello everybody !

I’m Michel (he/him), a french digital commoner based in Strasbourg, involved in contemporary art sector. I pass on Free culture as creator, curator, and mediator.

I speak English, French (mother tongue language) and Italian plus few words in Catalan and German !

I’m very happy to be here, and now.