NGI TALER's Press Releases

Under this item, interested parties can access copies of all published Press Releases of NGI TALER.

Project Launch (December 2023):
Press-Release-NGI-TALER-Launching-December-2023 - Αντιγραφή.pdf (71.6 KB)

First Open Call For Funding (February 2024):
Press-Release-First-Open-Call-Funding- NGI-TALER- February-2024_ (1).pdf (130.7 KB)

TALER-ICH Launch (March 2024):
Press-Release-Launch-TALER-ICH-NGI-TALER.pdf (191.2 KB)

Second Open Call For Funding (April 2024):
Press-Release-Second-Open-Call-Funding- NGI-TALER- April-2024 (2).pdf (131.3 KB)

Third Open Call For Funding (June 2024):
Press-Release-Third-Open-Call-Funding- NGI-TALER- June-2024 (1).pdf (131.6 KB)