Sharing Your Case Studies

Sharing your trade’s use-cases and workflows

At the season break, bookshops inventory their stock and may decide to return unsold books, under the conditions written in their contract with the publisher, or the publisher’s distributor. Such contracts are quite generic but can vary a lot between a small library and a large one, who probably negotiated better prices. Returned books incur transportation and storage costs to the publisher, and modify the balance of payments of all stakeholders. Describing the flow of information and money involved in this workflow can help software developers to not only invent features, but also to address actual use-cases that were not thought of, by lack of experience.


A workflow defines a series of steps to complete an activity. A use-case describes how a system can be used to achieve a specific goal or task. Use-cases and workflows in different domains are critical to inform software development.

Does GNU Taler cover your workflow? Are there use-cases or trade specificity not taken into account by electronic payment systems such as Taler? This is the place to share and expose your trade’s workflows, use-cases, and payment conditions.

When a use-case is particularly useful to the community, we can devise ways to feedback to GNU Taler developers, or to pool technicians on solving it, responding to TALER Open Calls, and building the TALER experience altogether.