TALER & Community, Rennes (fr), June 2024

Dear all,

18th June 2024,

At the Bigre Lieu!, with petites singularités −− aka :ps..

What we’ll do: Very Short Intro, then Demo, testing, Discussions with Q&A,

Please Join Us and Spread Around :wink:

We will be holding an ICH and TALER evening in Rennes, city an place where many things are linked to TALER.

  • Where:
    • 8 Place du Colombier, 2ème étage
    • Bus: C6, C2, C12 at Charles de Gaulle
    • Subway A: Charles de Gaulle
  • When
    • 18 - 06 - 2024
    • 17h30 - 18h30 & afterwork and so on
  • Why:
    • Getting together
    • Introduce the TALER idea
    • Debate and document this debate together
    • try to use the TALER demo
    • Break things
    • Fun and Enjoy
  • Who
    • petite singularités ASBL
    • Bigre Lieu! (many co-op in this place)

We are expecting people from a wide range of sectors: books and publishing, translation, journalism, and climate changes & research, web, etc.

This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and raise issues. Talking frankly, playing together with the means available; bring new people on board, view use cases from the existing TALER state. And above all, and this is very important, forging relationships and weaving networks.