Using image alternatives for accessibility

In TALER ICH we take care that our conversation remains accessible.

This topic is a reminder that we should use the alt property of image tags to provide a decent screen reader experience for the blind and visually impaired.

There are a number of good A11y resources around, like Quick tip: Using alt text properly - The A11Y Project.

In a nutshell, you need to take into account that the image you post will be ‘read’ in its context: if the image is decorative, an empty alt property is much better than anything; if the image is described in text afterwards, then it’s redundant to reproduce the text in the alt property, etc.

Image alt property in Markdown

When uploading images to Discourse, you’ll get a tag like this:


The alt property here is the image word. In this case, we should go for:

![TALER Integration Community Hub|600x200](upload://4IsYylMU44zIlUYjjSSwGtHoAul.png)

to obtain:

TALER Integration Community Hub

Do you have difficulties finding the right alternative text to your images?
Did you find inaccessible images?
Do you know good A11y tips?

You’re welcome to share them here.

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