Welcome our first batch of 27 TALER Open Calls respondents

  • 27km is the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN
  • Cobalt’s atomic number is 27
  • 27% of the cosmos was scientifically measured to be Dark matter
  • Humans should have 27 bones per hand.

This is @GoTALER@ich.taler.net to all who responded to the first @NGI_TALER Open Call. Well done! Peers are waiting for you on TALER ICH, on to the #oc.respondents group: Taler open calls respondents - TALER ICH

Check out #Taler TALER Integrations at TALER Integrations - TALER ICH

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Next @NGI_TALER@s10y.eu #OpenCall deadline is June 1st.

Check out the Taler open calls respondents - TALER ICH group for suggestions like #Odoo and #MirageOS:

Others are coming up… Stay tuned! #GoTALER

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