A11y Bug Bounty Platform

Hello !

After introducing TALER to a visually impaired friend who was so relieved to know that such a payment platform as GNU Taler will finally exist, we came up discussing a wish for a bug bounty platform dedicated to accessibility.

An inclusive development marketplace : reconcile demand and supply for special needs

Browsing the web and using a PC in general can be a nightmare for visually impaired people. Especially for those willing to preserve their privacy and refusing to feed the Big Data industry.
Volunteer, community-driven FLOSS are often forgetting the special needs of blind people and handicaps in general. Joining in a project to request improvements can be exhausting. Reporting bugs or requesting volunteers to work on accessibility is somehow intimidating when they already feel excluded by default.

Some FLOSS blind users would be able to pay for such improvements though. Some freelance developers/designers would have the ability to work on those. They all just lack a platform to match both, handle requests and pay/get paid for this job. Such a platform would be a key element for the FLOSS accessibility and the inclusion of blind people in the technological emancipation.

Who would be willing to work on this with us in the long term? Any idea, suggestion to put the first foundations?


Yes it is definitely in the scope of the NGI TALER consortium.
I was told that Taler interface is pretty good for screen readers and it feels like it however the first stpe would be to organize usability studies.
There is a partner in the consortium dedicated usability: ESEN, first step would be to get them here and discuss the issue with them.