Rewarding volunteer engagement with GNU Taler

Have you heard of Local Exchange Systems (LES) or Time Banks? Those community networks allow their members to receive some tokens instead of money for the service they propose. Those tokens can then be used in return to access to other services.

GNU Taler could be used as a protocol for implementing such concepts in a federated, international, interoperable way. Think of the “Like” button in most social networks. What if Taler was another option to reward publications, contributions or just to support people in general?

For instance, it could first be implemented (first as experimental plugins) :

Superficially, I feel like it basically requires to interface with a Merchant Backend as a plugin to:

  1. interface Taler Wallets with personal accounts as a parameter in the user profile of the platforms
  2. implement the Reward button as a proper API call to a Taler Backend

Is anyone already working on a similar project?


Hopefully we will have a Discourse dev to carry an implementation project later on!