About the Independent Book Sector category

TALER for books and journalism


This category brings together stakeholders of the independent book sector (authors, translators, publishers, editors, illustrators, printers, journalists, distributors, book sellers, librarians, readers…) and free software developers. Altogether they share the knowledge and experience dealing with the life cycle of a book from conception to your pocket; they can analyse and expose the use-case specifics of each part of the value chain, that will be taken into account when devising the implementation of TALER products.

Professionals in publishing and journalism can confront their actual workflows, constraints, and specific use-cases with developers of free software dedicated to their industry. Topics in this category would address specific workflows, legal and contractual constraints, relations among suppliers and customers, and all situations that inform software development for this specific value-chain.


Since this is a multi-stakeholder, emerging experience in discovering and exploring all aspects of electronic payments in the independent book sector, all stakeholders are invited to expose their own constraints so we can altogether devise the best possible outcomes for TALER in independent publishing.

Free software developers working in this sector are warmly invited to get involved with their software users and engage in a conversation with all stakeholders, including other software developers, aiming towards technical pools for the independent publishing sector.

Your hosts from :ps: , also involved as an independent publisher, will happily help sort things out as we go, creating appropriate tags and facilitating conversations so that all stakeholders including software engineers can make the most out of these conversation. Therefore you’re all invited to engage freely in the conversation, and altogether we’ll build a knowledge base useful for all.

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