Is there a support for grantees?

As part of the NGI Taler project, are there any plans for the winners to receive specific technical support in implementing the Taler protocol and GNU Taler technology?

I don’t think I understand what you mean by ‘winners’. We don’t do ‘winners’.

Thank you for your answer. I’m refering to NGI Taler’s Open Call (NLnet; NGI TALER). The Open Call invites candidates to make some proposals. That’s what we’re preparing with our proposal “GNU Taler : heart of a Journalist-centric B2B platform for the players of information & innovation”.

Then NGI Taler will select winners. Of course, we hope to be part of these winners ! My question is : are there any plans for the laureates of this competition to receive specific technical support in implementing the Taler protocol and GNU Taler technology within NGI Taler first call?

No, NGI TALER does not select winners. NLnet goes through a screening process that then leaves a review committee to select grantees. There are no winners or losers.

Yes, TALER ICH is made to support both @oc.respondents like you who propose a project to be implemented, and @oc.grantees whose project has been accepted for financial support by NGI TALER. You must not conflate an accepted project with ‘winning’, nor a rejected project with ‘losing’: this is not how it works.

Thank you for your answer. Sorry for my “winners” and “'losers” !

No worries. Did you send an application for the Open Call that finished last Monday?

Yes, I did it on Saturday. Thank you very much for all your help. We hope to be granted in order to experiment (and put in production) Taler in Aipress24, the journalist-centric B2B platform for the players of information and innovation, that we want to launch for testing as soon as September. Integrating Taler will require efforts from June to November or December. During that time, if we are granted, we’ll be searching for new banking partners. We also want to create the “Press & Innovation Fund” in ordrer to finance independant press projects and innovation projects in the major transitions that our planet needs. Taler should be at the heart of our project.


As a means of support, do you have a tuto that explains how to install the same thing as you have with you demo. It would be useful to play with GNU Taler. Thank yoiu for your answer.

I’ll be meeting with a potential important banking partner next Friday morning in order to talk about how to integrate Taler into Aipress24 working with a first banking partner.

I do not think there is integrated material yet, but @XavCC has been working on setting one up at TALER demo with proxmox/VM/Debian.

Hi, thank you for your answer. I don’t mean some hardware but do you have a tuto that would help us implementing your Taler Demo on our Linux/Debian serveur. Thank you for answering.

I’m not sure what you mean. Did you read this?

Oh, thank you very much ! It sounds really good !

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