Liberapay, Ko-fi, Tipeee... What about GNU Taler?

The list of crowdfunding, tipping and donations platforms is enormous. But all of them end up using Stripe or any other commercial payment service. What about GNU Taler in this ecosystem? Should we build yet another platform or should we work on integrating it into existing ones?

I think liberapay should be a priority for integrating Taler on the platform, as a Free Software project specifically designed to support such softwares and services using them. It’s a french organization cofunded by Changaco and Zatalyz.
Would anyone be already be in touch with them or should I invite them here myself?


I finally got in touch with their main dev on mastodon: Ada LaNerd: "Hey ! Vous savez que l'al…" - Une fois pour TOOT! A Mastodon in Brussels
Which led him to raise an issue on their GitHub: Taler · Issue #1309 · liberapay/ · GitHub

If anyone is interested into it, he’s willing to work with someone else!