Taler/TALER ? 🤔 Disambiguation

GNU Taler

GNU Taler is the free software project: a protocol, applications and services for an electronic payment system, its source code and technical documentation.

Taler Systems SA

Taler Systems SA is the company developing GNU Taler since 2016 and it’s apps on all platforms.


The NGI TALER project is funded under Horizon Europe (Pilots for the Next Generation Internet) with the aim of bringing GNU Taler to market across Europe. The roadmap of the project spans over 3 years until Taler becomes ready to use for payments in Euro and in hungarian Forint.


The Integration Community Hub is the main entry point to contribute to the NGI TALER’s goal to getting GNU Taler usable as a payment platform for everyone in Europe. As you can read in its documentation, it’s divided in 3 main vertical markets (‘verticals’).


For more infos about the TALER ICH, please read the FAQ.