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About GNU Taler


About the ICH

What’s the aim and scope of the TALER ICH?

TALER ICH is a forum for contributing to the integration of GNU Taler in the Eurozone, Switzerland, and Hungary. It belongs to the NGI TALER consortium and the GNU Taler infrastructure, alongside with GNU Taler’s other tools. It was initiated and is operated by petites singularités.

As quoted from Open Calls Helpdesk - TALER ICH :

TALER ICH aims to form a community of stakeholders that will accompany free software developers, open-source hardware engineers, merchants willing to use the GNU Taler software and deploy electronic payment solutions for their use-cases, as well as consumers willing to learn about electronic payments in Euro with GNU Taler, and participate in usability studies to ensure their special needs are taken into account when implementing and deploying electronic payment systems.

This wide scope of addressing various stakeholders in the TALER ICH is unique among all electronic payment systems available on the market. It stems from the free software philosophy and the will to include all citizens in the creation of something as fundamental in our society as how we approach our economy and handle money. We hope that you will share our dedication to providing an inclusive, accessible, secure electronic payment system for all.

You can respond to the 1st Open Call before April 1st 2024.

Onboarding TALER ICH: is it for me?

You’re invited to join in the Integration Community Hub whether you are :

  • already a member of the @NGI-TALER consortium ;
  • interested in the NGI TALER Open Calls as a developer or a user;
  • running an activity in one of their 3 priority sectors : Independent Book Sector, Social Inclusion and e-Health. Free Software Supply Chain;
  • if you’re a free software developer interested in shipping GNU Taler in the Eurozone;
  • if you’re interested in discussing Digital Euro, international finance law and banking constraints (Know Your Customer, Anti-Money-Laundering), digital identity, and more!

Interested? Welcome! Community: The C in TALER ICH :slightly_smiling_face:

:gear: GNU Taler links and information for code development provides onboarding as well.

How can I get started ? How does it work ?

See also our Community Guidelines.


What is NGI TALER consortium?

The NGI TALER project and its consortium are funded under Horizon Europe (Pilots for the Next Generation Internet) with the aim of bringing GNU Taler to market across Europe, under Agreement #101135475.

What’s the roadmap?

The roadmap of the project spans over 3 years until Taler becomes ready to use for payments in euro and in Hungarian forint.

Who’s doing what?

You can see the attributions of each of the consortium members in the group description.

About GNU Taler

Is GNU Taler ready yet?

GNU Taler is already usable with any non-fiat currency (not emitted by a central bank), and you may try the demo using an imaginary KUDOS currency. The goal of NGI TALER is to bring this electronic payment functionality to the Euro currency.

in Spring 2024, GNU Taler electronic payment is being deployed in CHF in Switzerland, in partnership with local money Netzbon. It is part of the ongoing test deployment of GNU Taler in CHF.

The Open Calls aim to experiment GNU Taler as a payment solution in EUR with merchants by 2025. You can find the main goals and past/future events on the NGI TALER consortium page.

:taler_circles: :date: The NGI TALER roadmap will show you a more precise view over the next steps of the project.


This section links to external resources from the @NGI-TALER consortium