Welcome to TALER ICH! 👋🏽

Thank you for your interest in GNU Taler!

GNU Taler is on its way to the Eurozone

The TALER Integration Community Hub (TALER ICH), provided by petites singularités in the context of NGI TALER consortium, aims at the deployment of GNU Taler in the Eurozone over the next three years. Still the forum is meant to last much longer and provide a place for ongoing conversation well after the consortium has achieved its goals.

GNU Taler addresses the needs for secure electronic payments from a European free software perspective and we want to share it widely. We need you here to appropriate those crucial tools for your own needs. This is a unique opportunity to take part in the realization of a critical technological component of our society: money, and especially online payments, where the conditions for cash-like privacy properties are difficult to tackle.

What can you do on TALER ICH?

TALER ICH will help skim through GNU Taler documentation and make it more accessible, but this is not all! TALER ICH will host conversations about technique, workflows and needs of the stakeholders, and related topics of Digital Euro, Digital Identity, and European finance in the context of the KYC, AML, and GDPR laws; TALER ICH will also support the creation of technical pools interfacing users and developers.

  • Learn about GNU Taler

  • Discuss use-cases and workflows

  • Understand the [stakes of electronic payments in Euro] and the European legislative context (Digital Euro, Digital ID, Right to Cash, Know-Your-Customer, Anti-Money-Laundering, General Data Protection Regulation…)

  • Participate in a documentation system for peer-reviewed GNU Taler integration docs

  • Prepare, respond to, and follow up on TALER Open Calls to implement Taler payments for your free software.

  • Encourage and support Go TALER!