Let's meet in Brussels at the end of May 2024

After this year’s O₄FFDEM festival in February, I’m back in Brussels for some of days. I’m here to meet and work with investigative journalists, scientists and people from the book field.

I think this could also be an opportunity to meet people from TALER ICH who might be in and around Brussels during the week. From 19 to 27 May 2024, to be fine-tuned over the coming weeks and with our chats here.

I know a few nice places to meet up and relax, and I’m open to your ideas.

My intention with this post is for us to discuss and work together on the outlines of an up-coming meeting in Brussels.

In addition to GNU TALER as a basic interest, we can also imagine a face-to-face discussion about docs from this TALER ICH forum or the Community Guidelines? These are just a few examples.

I look very much forward to hearing from you

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Dear folks,
I’ll be in Brussels from May 23 to 29. An opportunity to see each other, I hope. More specifically on the 23rd afternoon and 24th all day and on the 29th late morning.

Following current TALER developments, 2024-4: GNU Taler v0.10 released and upcoming 1st Open Calls results plus new release and also continuing TALER with journalists for journalists.

Let me know if you’re interested and if you’re in the area, I’ll do my best to design a fun event together. So I’ll keep you informed here about what we’re going to do.