Community Guidelines

TALER ICH has been set up by petites singularités within NGI TALER European consortium. This post is a very kind basis for conditions for community interactions in this forum where users are welcome to be pro-active.

We invite you to open up discussions, ask questions, reply, contribute, and so on. TALER ICH Documentation may help and FAQ too.

Here you we share information about TALER and how to use the GNU Taler electronic payment system, NGI TALER Roadmap presents the timeline for the current deployment.

The conversations here approach issues of digital identity and anonymity that are linked to fundamental human rights, important and central to our work.
To make it happen Here we can try to understand and include each other.

petites singularités are also working daily on a Gender Equality Plan which will also provide support for the conditions for community interactions in TALER ICH.


  • We recognize that societies and their members can have dominant standpoints & opinions , resulting in largely biased activities and behaviours, and we work together to be attentive and welcoming to those targeted by all forms of repression, discrimination and general discrimination.

  • Show empathy, courtesy and kindness towards others.

  • Respect different opinions, points of view and experiences.

    • Except for opinions related to the unacceptable behaviours described below
  • Working towards welcoming differently abled persons

  • We strive to deconstruct behaviours that lead to harmful situations. The is here to help.

  • We support the people here and work to protect everyone’s privacy. What is said here should not be used outside of here without explicit and clear consent of the original poster. However, we cannot control people’s actions, we are here to help you and we encourage you to be careful.

  • Supporting newcomers is a worthy intention and a basic value, embodied by the, and to achieve it we must all avoid dismissive, overly condescending or paternalistic attitudes.

  • Giving and accepting constructive feedback

  • Accepting responsibility and apologising to those who have been affected by our mistakes, and learning from the experience.

  • Focusing on what is good for us as individuals, but also for the community as a whole.

  • We do not accept any attack or discrimination related to skin tones, class, age, religion, geographical position, or gender; racism, sexism, LGBTQI+phobia, handiphobia, psychophobia, …

  • We do not accept oppressive humour and discriminatory language.

  • We do not accept personal attacks.

How to report a problem?

What should you do if you experience a situation that does not comply with these conditions? First of all, you are entitled to say that you are not comfortable with what is happening. If you have the energy to do so, we invite you to report the oppressive behaviour to the person concerned and/or to anyone you identify as a facilitator / anyone you trust here. See also Something’s wrong? Tell us!

If you feel uncomfortable and/or you don’t have the energy, but you want to make the situation known: you can talk to someone in the; they will support you in making sure those things do not happen again.

The anonymous tag collects categories where anonymous posts are welcome (although one may post anonymously anywhere). See also Use anonymous mode to reply or create topics in Discourse documentation.

How to post anonymously

To enter anonymous mode, open your user menu by clicking your avatar from the site header, then clicking your username. From the user menu, click the “Enter Anonymous Mode” link to enter anonymous mode.

Be careful that you can’t edit nor claim an anonymous post for later usage. Please only use this feature to protect yourself while reporting abuse or well-being issues.

The content of these Community Guidelines will remain available without modification for an arbitrary period of 3 months (2024-05-31T22:00:00Z). This is to ensure that everyone has time to integrate and get their bearings before committing, if they so wish, to improving them.