TALER ICH Documentation

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Among the whole list of categories, these are good starting points:

Category Description
Site Feedback Sharing experience about TALER ICH
Community Introductions, sharing ideas, motives, concerns, events
Independent Book Sector TALER for books and journalism
Social Inclusion and e-Health TALER for health care and other special needs
Free Software Supply Chain TALER to fund public software


Tags allows to sort the different documentation pages according to their respective aim.

Tag Description
welcome Read this first : documentations for newcomers
faq Short answers linking to reference topics
documentation Only one of the following tags can be used at one time
explanation Broaden the documentation’s coverage of a topic
tutorial Allow to get started
howto Show how to solve a specific problem
reference Technical descriptions of the machinery and how to operate it

For a full complete overview of tags, browse the tags list. It’s always accessible on the left pane.

Local GNU Taler Integration Documentation

The /docs provide a searchable view of all documented topics.

Local documentation include pointers to GNU Taler resources.

Related documentation

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Developers, Businesses Joining in the integration of GNU Taler in the Eurozone Open Calls Helpdesk
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