Broken/misleading link


Please use this topic for any broken/misleading link you encounter such as below.

The link to the guidelines leads to the FAQ!
@how.adm, can we fix this?
Thanks !

Hmmm, no? This is how it’s supposed to be. What’s wrong with it?

Well, /faq works as intended (it links to the actual FAQ), except that it’s hover description in the left pane expects the guidelines.

I’d expect that /guidelines leads to this one :

I tried to change the /guidelines link (admin>customize>permalinks) but it did not work.

I added a Guidelines link under the FAQ link to the sidebar.

The best you can do is to link Community Guidelines from the FAQ.

Another solution would be to move the FAQ to its own topic and set faq_url, and move the Community Guidelines to the original FAQ topic.

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Did you see this one?